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Daddy Fixes Everything, is a picture-book intended for children and young adults. It follows a family of four children and their parents as they cope with the death of their pet hamster. I chose to begin the story with a very light humoristic tone, introducing a father who is ever-busy fixing broken toys and household sundries while surrounded by his children's commotion.  All is well until one child (Danielle) discovers that the pet hamster is not moving. Figuring dad, who can fix just about anything, can fix the hamster as well, Danielle arranges a rescue operation, only to find out that resurrection is not included in the father's repertoire of skills... The story then takes a different tone as the family, particularly the children, presented with the first-time experience of facing death and its emotional ramifications, must come to terms with the passing away of their pet.
Despite the challenging task of explaining death and departure in realistic terms, Daddy Fixes Everything attempts to provide children and their parents with tools to cope; so doing in language and register that are age-appropriate.
What makes Daddy Fixes Everything unique is the approach it takes to the topic at hand. While many children stories on similar topics sugarcoat them with promises of heaven, Daddy Fixes Everything introduces different beliefs and philosophies without being religious. It allows for different opinions about the great beyond. Furthermore, it does so while attempting to provide practical comfort through suggested use of sense-memory.
In addition to children, young adults and their parents, the book will find a target audience with therapists, educators and even veterinarians. Parents, educators and other professionals, with whom I consulted while working on the story, were enthusiastic about having such a book at their disposal. I hope you will enjoy it as well.

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